We provide free services to foundations and associations.
We help those who help others.

We treat every NGO as a partner. Because our aim to provide high-quality support, we’ve agreed on a set of priorities to guide us in our decisions. Read the six eligibility criteria below to see if you qualify for support from Webdone.

1. Registration

Your foundation or association must be registered or be in the process of being registered.


2. Articles of Association

Your NGO should have articles of association that set out in detail the charitable activities it pursues.

3. Area of activity

We prioritize helping organizations that support people with disabilities and those with mental health conditions.

4. Readiness to work

We are looking to work with organizations that are already engaged in specific activities (programs or projects) or intend to launch them soon.
These may also include the readiness to provide non-profit services.

5. A designated liaison

You will need to choose one person to liaise with us – the purpose is to ensure more efficient cooperation.


6. You don’t represent

a government agency, a hospital, a healthcare facility, a school, or a university.

If you meet all the eligibility criteria, contact us by filling out the application form that you’ll see after you click the button below.